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Manufacturing Space Rental

Space and Equipment for Product Development and Large Scale Production

Renting Space

Artisan Exchange has solved one of the biggest challenges for new and growing entrepreneurs – affordable, flexible and approved manufacturing space.  The heart of the Artisan Exchange business model is a collaborative approach to sharing of production space, with individual work stations as small as 130 square feet centered around a common sanitization station. Each of our production units is filled with multiple companies working side by side sharing knowledge and resources.

We lease individual proprietary manufacturing spaces ranging from 130 to 3,000 square feet, based on each member’s equipment, operating, and storage needs. In addition to their own proprietary space, each member has access to a shared sanitization station and our shipping/receiving/delivery corridor including loading docks. You'll find our rental rates to be very affordable for any size business starting as low as $600 per month, which includes base rent, electric/gas, water, sewer, trash removal, pest control, wifi access and commercial dishwashing system.  

Best of all is that you will work in a collaborative environment having access to like-minded entrepreneurs who willingly share experiences, leverage resources, and encourage each other.  You will also have access to the other areas of support provided by Artisan Exchange including our on-site commercial kitchen (for product development and large batch production), our on-site year-round retail market, our wholesale marketing and distribution service, and business start-up and consulting support. 

AE Manufacturers

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