AE Members

Currently over 60 member companies representing a wide variety of cuisines
including 25 international specialties.

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Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters is a family owned and operated artisan coffee roaster in business over 30 years. They roast a large selection of Organic, Shade-Grown, Bird-Friendly, and Fair Trade coffees sourced from all over the world. You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Pure Scents Candle Company makes 100% Soy Wax candles using all cotton wicks to create a clean burning candle. Margaret uses natural and essential oils to uniquely scent her hand poured candles. You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.

MoJo’s Pop Co. specializes in making gourmet Toffee PopCorn that is like nothing you’ve ever tasted! Maureen's fluffy popcorn is lightly covered with crisp, buttery toffee with quality natural ingredients. You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.

A Pocket Full of Pie makes
the perfect handheld Pies!
Mary Ellen uses fresh and
all-natural ingredients that allow everyone to enjoy their favorite flavor! Great for every day or a special occasion! You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cakes are legendary! Deb uses an award winning recipe of her Irish Great Grandfather to create delicious butter cakes 
from the best local ingredients. Deb offers fresh granola, scones and brownies as well! You can find them
 at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.

JamOnIt Specialty Foods started with delicious Mango BBQ Sauces and Mango Jalapeno Glaze. Ken continues to add products like
Prepared Meals, Quiches
and a variety of Breads! You can find them
 at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


 Bringing years of Italian cooking tradition to the kitchen, Brenda creates each delicious meal as if it were for her own family, always prepared with plenty of heart, soul and love. You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Siblings Jose and Maria Orozco grew up in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico learning traditional dishes from their parents and grandparents. They proudly serve authentic Mexican food, using fresh, high quality ingredients in each dish! You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Peachala's creates a huge selection of sweet treats. As a trained pastry chef, Lisa offers a variety of delicious desserts. From Key Lime Pie to Brooklyn Cheesecakes to Italian Biscotti there's something for everyone! You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Cheryl’s Southern Style offers a variety of southern-style cuisine from her family recipes. Cheryl produces products that are made with fresh vegetables, top-grade cheeses, and the finest ingredients that are slow-cooked to perfection with lots of love.


 Products from Sweet Lana’s Vegan Express are as unique as the couple themselves. Inspired by Svetlana’s roots in the former Soviet Union and Daniel’s extensive travels, they created the concept of “international fusion” to elevate veganism.

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Rose's Gluten-Free Bakery makes a line of handmade GF Products from scratch. Rose feels that Gluten Free Baked Goods should taste just like the delicious treats we all enjoyed growing up!


Buenos Aires Empanadas makes delicious Empanadas in a variety of flavors.

Claudia uses traditional recipes from her home in Buenos Aires, Argentina to create artisanal oven-baked dough stuffed with many flavors and fillings. You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.

 Gary’s, A Specialty Food Product Co. makes Heavenly Habanero Pepper Sauce. This pepper sauce delivers The perfect combination of flavor and heat without added salt, sugar, msg, or artificial ingredients. The twelve fruits, vegetables, and spices create a superior flavor hot sauce.

MOMPOPS makes all natural ice pops, flavored with real fruit and sweetened with agave nectar. Sandra, Issa and Stephanie offer a delicious, healthy frozen treat that is free from allergens but full of flavor!


 True Blue Bakery brings authentic pies and pastries from Australia to West Chester! Roy and Fiona Using traditional,  ingredients, Roy and Fiona create honest flavors for a True Blue Aussie experience! You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Pivotal Nutrition is a healthy lifestyle meal prep service
that saves you precious time.

Abby and Daniel source the freshest ingredients to assure you the highest quality meals. They make eating healthy so easy!


The Purple Oven makes heavenly mouthwatering 
cheesecakes. Mary and Alma create flavors based on their personal tastes to assure
a Delight In Every Bite! 
You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Located in Pennsylvania’s Chester County, Brandywine Branch Distillers is a small batch micro-distillery and home to The Brandywine Branch Bistro & Bar! You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.

Phyllodelphia Greek and Mediterranean Food Truck  serves scratch made authentic Greek dishes from Greg and Terry's family recipes. You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


What's Up Cream Puff
makes a  phenomenal cream puff! Donna makes the perfect dessert with real quality ingredients,
free of preservatives and stabilizers. You can find them 
at the Saturday
Artisan Exchange Market.


All things Keto are here
to deliver you delicious
Keto food.
Simply order at least 6 meals  to be delivered to your home with no subscription necessary!


SunSobo LLC makes an all natural Hibiscus and Ginger Tea. George, Irene and Ebenezer recreated this healthy drink from a tasty family sorrel recipe
that they drank in Ghana, West Africa. You can find them
 at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


 Mima's Kitchen makes delicious home made soups! You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.

Turk's Head Sauce offers  homemade hot sauce and seasonal menu items

(Previously Campus Chicken Food Truck)


Dragonfly Catering LLC wants  to give you a break from cooking! They provide a complete delicious meal each week that the whole family will love.  They also offer large or small-scale catering, as well as customized private chef packages!


Curry Bowl 97 offers a refrigerated vegan Indian curry sauce made from scratch. The finest ingredients are sourced and slowly simmered with care in small batches.  You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


 Mediterra offers a collection of the finest gourmet foods that are perfect for enjoying every day or savoring on special occasions. Some of our
signature products include 
Jams, Balsamic Vinegar,
Olive oils, Olives and Condiments!


Cook Awesome Food creates hand-crafted, all-natural seasoning blends inspired by rich global culinary traditions. Blair  comes from a long line of Indo-Jamaican restaurateurs/chefs. She was raised in kitchens that created the food that influences our blends. Her passion for food and culture is infused into every bag!