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AE Members

Currently over 60 member companies representing a wide variety of cuisines
including 25 international specialties.


Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters is a family owned and operated artisan coffee roaster in business over 30 years. They roast a large selection of Organic, Shade-Grown, Bird-Friendly, and Fair Trade coffees sourced from all over the world. You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Pure Scents Candle Company makes 100% Soy Wax candles using all cotton wicks to create a clean burning candle. Margaret uses natural and essential oils to uniquely scent her hand poured candles. You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Mix it Up Bakery is passionate about making desserts that are unique and unforgettable. Flavor and artist flair are key to each of Christina's creations; from mouth-watering cupcakes to handcrafted sugar cookies, they help bring your celebration to a whole new level of deliciousness!


Phyllodelphia Greek and Mediterranean Food Truck  serves scratch made authentic Greek dishes from Greg and Terry's family recipes. You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Located in Pennsylvania’s Chester County, Brandywine Branch Distillers is a small batch micro-distillery and home to The Brandywine Branch Bistro & Bar! You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Specializing in custom charcuterie boards! Olive & Meadow launched in December 2021 and is providing the best and most beautiful charcuterie boards.

CocinaDorada-01 (1).png

Cocina Dorada makes authentic Mexican cuisine. You can find their Tortilla Chips, Guacamole, Red Salsa, meals and more in many local grocery stores. Also, you will never miss them at the Artisan Exchange Market every Saturday.


Hala2Go produces delicious Middle Eastern inspired dishes! You can order online or stop by the Artisan Exchange to give Hala2Go a try. 


Growee Foods was started with the idea that plant-based foods should come from, well, plants. This shouldn’t be a crazy idea, but when you look at the labels of vegan and vegetarian foods and see methyls and isolates and so-called natural flavors, it’s hard to picture plants at all. Growee Foods produces delicious spreads! 


Front Porch Treats bakes up a family favorite specialty cookie called Rocky Roads. A unique and satisfying treat for all occasions!


What makes Swheat Escape unique is the cross between popular treats and rotating seasonal, locally sourced produce. From classics such as the lemon ricotta muffin or blueberry lavender cinnamon roll to specialty items such as jumbo apple fritters or dulce de leche espresso brownies to gluten-free staples such as sandwich bread or flour, Swheat Escape offers a well-rounded supply of gluten-free options to satisfy every palette. 

MH Logo-Red (3).png

While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in a tiny village in Kenya called Miti Mingi, Phil Hughes was surprised to learn that on average farmers only sell up to a third of their harvest. The vast majority of fruit remains unsold and is left behind to rot. After hearing that drying fruit opens new markets, creates jobs for the local community, and extends the life and prosperity of the food supply, Phil was inspired to create Mavuno Harvest!

MoJo's Logo.png

MoJo’s Pop Co. specializes in making gourmet Toffee PopCorn that is like nothing you’ve ever tasted! Maureen's fluffy popcorn is lightly covered with crisp, buttery toffee with quality natural ingredients. You can find them at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.


Cheryl’s Southern Style offers a variety of southern-style cuisine from her family recipes. Cheryl produces products that are made with fresh vegetables, top-grade cheeses, and the finest ingredients that are slow-cooked to perfection with lots of love.


 Dimi - a refrigerated line of indulgent single-serve desserts designed to celebrate Me Moments & We Moments.


SunSobo LLC makes an all natural Hibiscus and Ginger Tea. George, Irene and Ebenezer recreated this healthy drink from a tasty family sorrel recipe
that they drank in Ghana, West Africa. You can find them
 at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.

Wild Bill's Craft Beverage Co. (Official Logo).png

Rooted in a commitment as a veteran-owned and operated outfit, Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co. ain't just in the business of servin' up the most lip-smackin', genuine, vintage sodas and craft concoctions across the land. 


All about the Polish cuisine! Golden Kitchen produces hand made Pierogi and Polish meals.

You can find them every Saturday at the Artisan Exchange Market!

Philly Nuts produces hand roasted artisan nuts! They make a variety of nuts that are roasted and seasoned. They produce their delicious nuts right in the Artisan Exchange.


Pretzel Pete, Inc. is a family-owned, Hatboro, PA USA based manufacturer of value-added pretzel products! Their  emphasis on clean labels, locally sourced ingredients and allergen safe production results in snacks that customers will feel good indulging in and serving to their family and friends. 


Pizza that is made with Love and Central Milling's Organic type 00 flour. With the right ingredients and time spent to perfect our pizza, it produces a thin, pillowy, yet crispy dough that will transport your taste buds to Italy!

Logo Square.png

Ffups is the too tasty to be healthy (but not not healthy) corn puff brand that refuses to compromise—with 5 flavors that take puffs to their maximum potential, and no health claims for your maximum snacking pleasure!


Finer Tea Co is a local family-owned specialty tea company. They work directly with farms and tea suppliers and select with care and 10+ years of tea knowledge to bring you the best tea from Asia. If you love all-natural loose-leaf tea and would like to join their journey of learning and sharing Asian tea culture, please come and visit them at Artisan Exchange!


Vegan Confectionaries makes high quality vegan baked goods and dry cake mixes to prepare 100% vegan desserts. With texture and flavor of classic treats, we honor All-Natural plant-based bakery.
We offer Banana Breads Mixes and Baked Products: Plain, Chocolate Chip, Pistachio, and Walnut; and Almond Crumble Mixes for your favorite filling.

Mixes are Quick and Easy to make and require Fresh Fruit.


MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cakes are legendary! Deb uses an award winning recipe of her Irish Great Grandfather to create delicious butter cakes 
from the best local ingredients. Deb offers fresh granola, scones and brownies as well! You can find them
 at the Saturday Artisan Exchange Market.

Chuckie B - Logo.jpeg

Chuckie B’s Meatballs hand rolls everyone one of their Signature Meatballs and pairs them with their homemade San Marzano blend sauce to create a meatball experience you will enjoy.  They also offer eggplant rollatini, gluten free options and seasonal specials all made with the love and passion that Chuckie B’s was built on.  Nobody puts more love into their meatballs (maybe your grandmother)!  Mangia!


Ready to eat cookie dough! Dough Sweet makes gourmet edible cookie dough! Their Dough is made with heat treated flour (to kill any bacteria) and no raw egg.  So it’s safe to eat right out of the container. No baking. Pretty simple. You can find them every Saturday at Artisan Exchange. Also they provide online ordering & catering!  

IMG_0686 (1).jpg

Prepped by Carly transforms the familiar favorites you love into nutritious, grab-and-go, pre-made meals. Each recipe is created by a registered dietitian— Carly!


Good Girls Bakery is an artisan sourdough bakery with breathtaking loaves, pastries, and plenty of attitude. Available for online local delivery and at various farmers' markets; check us out! 


 Catherine's Kitchen specializes in baked goods! Baking a variety of cookies and gluten free options are always available. 


Hank McCoy’s love of baking goes back to when he was just 7 years old. Hank bakes cinnamon buns to perfection. You can find these amazing buns in many local grocery stores such as Weavers Way!


Avocado Seed Brew! Hidden Gems is a beverage company that is creating a more sustainable food system by finding creative ways to use the parts of food we commonly throw away. 


A snack brand that is truly Better, Fresher, and Yummier.  Buttercup Bakery cookie is pure bliss. So, it’s easy to see that these are the best cookies you’ve ever tasted because they are…


Federal Donuts serves up Fried Chicken Sandwiches and freshly made Donuts. A true Philly staple! Federal Donuts joins our Saturday Market once a month.


You won’t find wraps like these anywhere else!  These Sanfa Wraps are inspired by the distinctive taste of Dhal Puri Roti, a popular Caribbean flatbread. Unlike traditional flour-based wraps, Janson Foods uses yellow split peas as their main ingredient. The wraps are packed with plant protein and fiber, making them a healthy and tasty choice at any meal! 


Whattaboard specializes in handmade custom charcuterie boards, grazing tables and more. From individual snack size items to corporate events for several hundred people, we got you covered!

BNW No Slogan.png

 The Jawnery makes how they eat - with variety - but they truly appreciate  the benefits of a foundation on which to build!  Featuring bread loaves, pastries, and other baked goods, we encourage customers to use their products to butter, toast, sop-up, sandwich, snack, indulge, and enjoy with whatever jawn they'd like!

Evie’s Snacks was inspired by their mom Nora’s experimentation in the kitchen using the pecans their dad Bob had grown. She often used classic pecan desserts as the foundation for her recipes, but took it beyond – sometimes way beyond. Evie's Snacks continuing in that spirit – pairing new spices, glazes, and seasonings and putting a modern spin on pecans. 

JAMBS Gluten Free Pizza was founded with the mission of making great pizza crusts available to those who cannot tolerate Gluten. Jambs are committed to bringing delicious pizza to the Celiac and Gluten Intolerant community, inspired by their daughter, Brooke!

SPJ Type-NoBackground.png

Chix Soup Co; Cousins Val and Taryn started a chicken soup business over 6 years ago with the goal of getting premium, all-natural and practically homemade chicken soup to all! Chix Soup Co. is a certified Women Owned, 2021 Sofi Award Silver Winner, and 2022 Sofi Award Gold Winner. Chix Soup Co. has great packaging and produces truly delicious chicken soups!

Heal your gut with the fudgiest, nutrition-packer, adaptogenic brownies. The only difference you'll notice is your health. Ruani mission is to bring delicious desserts that tantalize the tastebuds while working wonders on your gut health. 

With a mission to honor cuisines from around the world, Side Project Jerky collaborates with Chefs to make unique and delicious jerky! Side Project Jerky has served as their collective creative outlet and culinary muse.


Born in San Francisco and raised in Philadelphia, 470 Baking Company makes sourdough goods and is home to Melissa’s Sourdough Crisps. 470 Baking has all natural, vegan, endlessly crave-able and shatteringly crispy crackers!


Flavor first, then heat! Faiya Hot sauce is made with natural ingredients- use fresh, organic ingredients. You can find Faiya Hot sauce at a variety of local stores!

Copy of Melmos Logo 2020.jpg

Melmos Dog Treats are the prefect treat for your pup! Melmos joined AE Distribution and has a variety of all natural dog treats!

From cookies, cupcakes and mini pastries to custom cakes Just Desserts can create the perfect dessert for any occasion! 


Ethanfoods makes brews ginger teas with moringa one of nature’s super foods
And hibiscus tea infused with ginger 
and lemon this teas are recipes from my grandmother who made and sold this at the market for over 40 yrs.


Planet Bake was founded with the express purpose of making desserts far healthier and more lifestyle conscious without sacrificing taste, texture, and quality. They hope to play a role in helping to counteract alarming trends in diabetes rates, obesity, and other chronic health issues with healthy products that are sugar-free, plant based, gluten free, and environmentally friendly.

Screen Shot 2023-12-20 at 1.58.14 PM.png

A Casual Beverage exists to extend hospitality beyond the bar-top and into the community. Connecting over cocktails can lead to sharing ideas and building bridges. They are here to do our part and have some fun along the way.

Uncle Dave’s Homemade Ice Cream strives to be like the best ice cream makers in the world. Uncle Dave crafts his classic ice cream in primary colors with clear and simple flavors. Unlce Dave's works closely with Artisan Exchange Distribution! 

Zayda's Pickles is the best in philly! Zayda's pickles offers a variety of freshly made pickles. You can find them at a local grocery stores!

CrabbyJoey'sLOGO OnWhite.png.webp

At Tiers of Joy Gluten-Free Bakery, makes gluten-free desserts with real ingredients that you CAN eat and ENJOY too. They strive to create delicious, beautiful desserts you can eat no matter the food allergy or diet restriction. allergy or diet restriction.


Blobs are fun amorphous pieces of amazingly soft, chewy fruit-flavored candy made with natural (never questionable) ingredients and close to no sugar. Blobs are not a candy alternative or imitation, they're just candy! Rule-breaking, feel-good, mouth-watering candy!


Poppa’s Custard Company was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 2020. Pooling their resources, culinary talents, and business acumen, we sought to share our simple, homemade recipes with the public. They make and sell premium, restaurant-quality chilled dessert custard.  

Crabby Joey’s LLC specializes in quality crab cakes, appetizers and crab stuffed seafood items, house made soups and a variety of dipping sauces. All products are fully cooked and ready to heat and serve. Handling and heating instruction are provided. All products will be available at the Artisan Exchange Market.

Blobs are fun amorphous pieces of amazingly soft, chewy fruit-flavored candy made with natural (never questionable) ingredients and close to no sugar. Blobs are not a candy alternative or imitation, they're just candy! Rule-breaking, feel-good, mouth-watering candy!


Ben transitioned from the high-stakes world of professional sports to the quiet confines of his tiny studio apartment. There, he found a new arena – the kitchen.

Driven by the need to rejuvenate his gut health and reintroduce wellness into his post-career life, Ben embarked on a journey of experimentation. Mixing concoctions in his modest kitchen, he discovered a winning formula that not only made him feel better physically but also sparked a mental transformation!

Wanisha the owner of Beyking for You passion is baking! She handmakes beautiful and delicious cakes for any special event!  


AMG Snacks are easy to digest and packed with amazing flavors you won't find in most healthy treats. To make things even better, they developed the perfect texture for your snacking needs. AMG Snacks are nutritious and crafted with intention. No matter where you are, you can sit back and enjoy the perfect bite.


Philly Jerk was born after years of relentlessly pursuing the perfect vegan snack.


Quality ingredients. Small batch production. Attention to detail. Made from a pure soy protein base and seasoned with handmade spice blends, our simple yet bold flavors make Philly Jerk vegan jerky an instant kitchen classic.


Smootch starts with finely ground whole grain oats, milled right at the farm. They add water, sweeten it with whole, organic ingredients, and boost it with electrolytes and immune support. That’s it, no funny business. 



Susan's logo.png

After attending pastry school at the Ritz-Escoffier in Paris, Susan Naples has been creating cakes and other baked goods  for all occasions for  the past twenty-five years.  

She enjoys a fine reputation as the local "cake lady." 

Only the finest and freshest ingredients are used in creating each beautiful cake that will reflect your taste as well as complement the theme of your event.  


A Friendly Bread is a Baltimore-based, LGBT-owned bread company that makes all of its products from scratch. They started out as a fresh sourdough bread delivery company and now makes restaurant-quality, heat-and-eat grilled cheeses with their original bread recipes. They love bringing snack-lovers back home to bread by elevating America's favorite bread-based classics with sourdough. 

logoUban 2.png

Uban Thia Fusion Kitchen makes authentic Thai food! You can find this family business every Saturday at the Artisan Exchange Market. Stop by and give their Spring Rolls and amazing Ramen Bowls a try! 


Squared Gluten Free are delicious bite size desserts cut into approximately 1.5” squares. They use only the finest ingredients. From  fresh squeezed lemon juice to 70% dark chocolate chips. Their tag line is “gluten free is just a bonus”! Once you try them you will agree. They blend their own amazing gluten free flour (sold as well) and it is the only flour they use. 

Screen Shot 2023-12-27 at 12.43.33 PM.png

Mangia Mobile is an Italian Food Truck! You can find them around town in West Chester, PA. Make sure to try their hand made pizzas!

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